Round 2 Review

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Round 2 Review


Round 1 was a bit of an interesting one, play one game, then have a week off - it was really like starting the season again!




Having said that, the WPH Lions were sitting clear in both grades along with the EEW Tigers, so the clash at Campbell was always going to be mouth watering!


Unfortunately for the Tigers, the Lions understood the size of Campbell and gracefully sat back and let the young pups wear themselves out on what can only be described as the widest ground in the association. An early goal by Timmy Irwin allowed the Lions to relax and literally absorb what the tigers were throwing at them, but in the 30th minute the Lions drew some serious blood with a double pawed swipe in a 3 minute wonder spell seeing Irwin net a second and Campbell score the first of his hatrick. 


Going into the sheds at 3-0 at half time was humbling for the lions as the tigers regrouped. The second period saw a much improved Tiger with a few really good spells of possession, but it wasn't their day and in the final 10 minutes Campbell stepped his game up netting twice and Ryan Frank getting his first for the season!


6-0 - Can only be described as a white was to the Lions.


Earlier in the day, the cubs( Lion's Reserve grade) got the bickies over a strong EEW team, completing a shattering display at Campbell - 12 points from 4 games!! Their new coach Covers would be licking his lips at the next game on Campbell.





With Pidding getting it's first workout of the year, the newly looking Saints looked to continue their strong performance v Dragons in round 1. While Rovers were looking  to bounce back from their 4-0 drubbing in round 1. The pitch was quite soft and although both teams were enjoying spells of possession it ended in a stalemate at 1-1.






The woodies are a seasoned PL side and have been for many years, but with the exit of Big Red and a few known faces joining other outfits if the rumours are true, it could turn into a long season for them. They started slowly and it looked like it was going to be a rugby league score after Player Coach Falcone netted twice in the first half and Wass on the 21st minute - Mind you it was some exceptional football by Macquaire who were really looking to kick on after last weekend's dropped points.


But Coach Masulans half time spray could be heard from the other side of the train tracks down at Eastwood and it worked. We saw a improved second half display from the woodies, one which frustrated the Dragons.


Yes that's right, a true game of 2 halves!

Woodies had an excellent opportunity for Scardilli in the 58th min and he converted. 1-3 , but springing the woodies into life. A fresh lot of energy? was it the red frogs at half time? i think not, Masulans half time spray and a relaxed dragons second half outfit were to blame!  


The woods could smell blood, and as much the Dragons were fighting it off, they couldn’t. The incident in the 70th minute saw Caragher booked and Dilley score making it 2-3 to the Dragons, but Caragher kept giving it to match official and ended up with a nice 10min break on the sideline and the Dragons reduced to 10 men. Falcone was furious with the lack of discipline, but pushed to have his played get back to their winning first half formula. It worked for the 10 min period but it was evident that it took it out of the Dragons and in the final minutes of the game, Woodies equalised..... 3-3 with Dilley scoring again.


The team from Macquarie looked dejected as the ref blew the final whistle, while the woodies were celebrating like Cathy Freeman in the Syndey 2000 Olympics!


Stalemate once more 3-3.


Earlier Dragons young gun Braithwaite slotted home the winner in the 64th minute in quite an even match. Dragons 1-0.




The battle in Galston saw the Gilmore Cup winning Hawks up against newly promoted ST Pats.

Both coming off a loss in round 1 and desperate to get some points up on the board.


The grass was long and soft, full of moisture which probably affected the style of football which was being played, but the Hawks looked on top in the first quarter of an hour going up 1-0 through Captain Tom Vriens. But disaster struck as Douglas was sent from the field on the 37th minute. Hawks going into the break up 1-0, but down a man.


Coach Tosolini tweaked the system for the second period, but really didn't need to as King was giving his marching order on the 48th min levelling up the players left on the field to 10 each much to the disgust of coach Martino who was not happy with King after explicitly telling him to relax at half time.


To ST Pats credit, they stepped their game up and pushed hard. Rewards came to fruition when substitute Barba equalised in the 56th minute levelling the score to 1-1.


The Galston local tried to urge their team on, sensing the newly promoted team's tank was running close to dry and then in the 72nd minute Vriens(who barely scored last season) got his second putting the hawks up 2-1 with 18 to go.


Typically you would see heads go down and a struggle, but no... Martino's men were having none of that and pushed hard. Quite a statement considering they were playing on a long soft pitch with 10 men - it's the equivalent of the heavy horse drawing a wide barrier and winning in the Caufield cup!


The Hawks eventually cracked in the 85th min - Who was it? Yes, that man again Barba who scored a ripper equalising 2-2, which is the way it ended. Split points at Hayes 2-2




Both heavy hitters from last year, both expecting to do well this year, both winning round 1.

But - 3pm on a soggy Normanhurst oval is very different than a normal day at the office!


Penno started well having their #1 Healey back in the stick after his round 1 holiday and it paid off when Burbage slotted home inside 12 minutes. - Loved the celebration btw!

It was end to end, with Bourkie marshalling his no nonsense defensive structure and limiting the 2018 Golden boots Brownes chances in the first half. But it all went pear-shaped for Penno with Bateman getting an early shower on the 64th minute for a questionable decision from the #8.


Normo sniffing a chance, took it when Nostalgi equalised on the 56th min mark. The experienced team duo of Brisco and Bourkie for Normo pushed on and big Mitch #10 capitalised in the 74th minute.


Did this wake Penno up? You betcha, with Gray and Smith urging their team forward and Captain Cassar( a joy to watch btw) finally equalised in the 93rd minute to break O'Keefes heart and strip away 2 competition points from Normo.


Goals split at 2-2, Points split at 1-1


Ressies, penno taking all 3 points sitting them on top of the table.

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2x reds at Galston. What were they for? Good calls from the ref?

How good
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Another great read Mr E! Keep em coming!

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pidding was not soft on saturday...


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A lot of it was guessed and filled in to make it sound good. 
i know cos there were inaccuracies from our game report. 
But good on him, an interesting read

Official Joel Memoirs
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That send off was bullshit and that ref knows it 

Dragons Coach
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This is tops. Nice one!