Sitting on hands

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Dave? Coops? Hello?
wrote on 16-May-23 09:12

Any chance the rest of the WPL can be released? Round 7 this week and still waiting. Clown show

wrote on 17-May-23 12:12

Can't believe females are using this forum.



The Bat Cave
wrote on 17-May-23 13:37



Clearly the posting from females isn't as frequent as the male side of the forum currently, but I doubt whether the females will post immature comments as is the case with the male threads with name calling and general disrespectful nonsense.


Sadly our fixture last week transphobic comments from a male spectator were captured by some of our own supporters.

The male spectator wasn't part of our support brigade and I'll stop short of saying the person belonged to the opposition.


Coops wrote:

>Can't believe females are using this forum.