Round 4 Action

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wrote on 28-Apr-23 16:49

Round 4 of the womens PL sees the following match ups:


North Epping Rangers vs Beecroft Wombats

Macquarie Dragons vs Putney Rangers

West Pennant Hills vs Gladesville Ravens

Flying Bats vs West Ryde Rovers


With Putney looking to push forward and extend their lead, but nipping at their heels is WPH and the flying bats(which could be a little cousin of the Beecroft Wombats, but we will never know).


Eitherway, it's all setup for a fantastic round of football - Hope the ravens are fit as they are about to play on the biggest field in the association, that being the home of the Lions!.

wrote on 28-Apr-23 20:30

WPH will hit double figures 

wrote on 02-May-23 20:51

Putney smacked Dragons,

WPH almost double figure v raven,

Wombats got up and their cousins the flying bats drew.


All mouth watering games.