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wrote on 28-Apr-23 14:47

Welcome to the womens premier league tab.


Please post all womens PL content here.

The Bat Cave
wrote on 04-May-23 14:59

Flying Bats created history last night by being the first club from the association to contest a game in the FNSW Sapphire Cup competition.

Batties went down 0-3

wrote on 04-May-23 16:05

What is the Sapphire Cup? like the FFA cup for women?



Keep Blokes Out
wrote on 26-Jun-23 11:59

What's the go with blokes playing in female comps.

One game yesterday had a representation of 3 blokes thinking they are sheilas and running out against women.

Next week a fellow I know whose daughters is still a junior has to take on these blokes in Prem Leah for MD, what a joke that is.

wrote on 03-Jul-23 13:47

why can't these blokes play in the Men's Prem League ?



wrote on 26-Jul-23 16:39

US media approached the Flying Bats in order to do some filming as a promo for the Women's World Cup at their fixture vs Ravens on the weekend. Both teams agreed to the filming, (legs and feet only, no faces.)

I don't normally like to call out Referees but this bloke had a shocker. (Not the first this this season!) Not sure if it was the US media cameras or just another bad day at the office for him.

Probably would not have changed the result but 2 goals from handballs and one very offside goal all let go. One of the handballs was slapped down with the hand and put away. Everyone, everyone but the Ref called handball.

Both Coaches were frustrated with the very bad and blatant miss-calls.

Hopefully they put in a report so that this guy never refs a Premier League game again!