Epping FC

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How does it happen
wrote on 19-Jul-23 12:19

Can someone explain how Epping FC are allowed to enter 2 average teams into SL.


Both at the bottom in first grade


Both at the top in reserve grade.


Surely its about sense, no point having 2 average teams in a 9 team comp when they should be playing together in a 8 team comp....

wrote on 19-Jul-23 12:44

I think it was due to a couple of years ago when they had a Premier League squad and a Super League squad.

What happened though was that their Prem squad got relegated that year to Super League and resulted in that comp following season onwards until now having 2 sets of teams.

wrote on 19-Jul-23 23:36

Both have large squads, the epping red from what i've heard have 2SL squads and a high AA squad as a 3rd squad. Would they not be better off going to Beecroft or bringing back Redbacks, i would hate having 2 clubs in the same division. But i guess astro pitches can keep people around. 

Also heard the 2 epping teams hate each other lol. 

In regards to the season, Epping Blue are usually a top 4 side. Made the final last year against St Pats. Have the same squad aswell this season from when we played them. Sometimes things don't click. 

The other epping is dog shit 


Old Boy
wrote on 21-Jul-23 14:17

The problem is the two brain dead coaches the have driven a wedge between both teams.

Big mal
wrote on 22-Jul-23 21:53

I think big Mal Arnold needs to step in and save the club...


Oh wait... he split it with all his experience from the Penno days...