Best PL Player Ever?

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Guilty Sigurdsson
wrote on 21-Jan-23 14:11

Who is it? Batts, Morro, Kane, Ty from Kenthurst or someone else?

Let us know your thoughts 

Very Old Player
wrote on 21-Jan-23 17:29

The best were Gene and TG.

Tough call
wrote on 21-Jan-23 22:04

Can only comment on last 12-14 years.

Kane probably the best goalscorer

Morro best midfielder in terms of controlling play 
Best defender is difficult but Kenthurst had 2-3 back in the day who would be up there

Best keeper - bloke at EEW who's name escapes me


Pennant Hills FC Guy
wrote on 24-Jan-23 12:36

Morro (may be slightly biased)

wrote on 28-Jan-23 23:20

1980 -2000 not in any order. Take your pick. 

1. Michael Taylor (EEW)

2. Billy Hulston (YMA)

3. Dave Batten (GRL)

4. Brian Ellem (NER) 

5. John M (Ryde RSL) 

6. Andy Ferris (YMA)

7. Kurt Morrison (Pen) 

8. Pete Whiteside (Pen, EEW, NER) 

wrote on 29-Jan-23 18:06

tulloch from thunda without a doubt 

wrote on 29-Jan-23 23:05


Andrew Stratford. 

Don Allan 

Geno was class but I am not sure he played much PL through this period.

wrote on 30-Jan-23 11:36

tully wrote:

>tulloch from thunda without a doubt 


We're not talking about PLs biggest fuckwits

Biggest F Wits
wrote on 30-Jan-23 19:23

That's a great shout though,

The League's Biggest Douchebags:

- Nate Grey

- Rick Gio

- Tulloch

- Gareth Wright

- Moysis

And who else?

NER striker
wrote on 30-Jan-23 20:22

Who was the bloke that played for NERDS a couple of years ago - striker, kept them up singlehanded.


very good player, no question but an absolute fuckwit.


Mouyis and Wright definitely up there as well

wrote on 31-Jan-23 10:32

Jack something, was good but nowehere near the best. Tap in merchant and definitely agree with your comments about his character but wouldnt be in top 100 players.

From my years in the competition, a few teams were clear:

Penno from about 2007 to 2011 - spearheaded by Morro but also some other good players in Boz, Seale, Xabi Alonso and his brother. 

Kenthurst for a good few years before they went over to the Hills comp. Probably the most dominant squad I seen and played against in this competition. Had a solid defensive unit and some good attacking players, Nico and Ty in particular. Nate Gray, despite being a polarising character was at the heart of their defence and was always difficult showing up against them and getting a result.

Ravens had the odd season or two but didnt get to know their players too personally. 

More recently West Penno with Kane having some ridiculous goal contributions in the last 5 seasons or so.

EEW, STA and THL had some decent players worthy of mention, Moysis a serial windup merchant and the Petey Bros. Avo Young the Thunder captain before they went down was always a difficult contender to come up against. Don't know the STA players names.

Can't really comment on anything prior to 2006.

NER striker
wrote on 31-Jan-23 18:37

Further to Unbiased's comments, just want to make it clear I wouldn't have in anywhere near the top 100 players either. 
I only mentioned him as the conversation had moved on to fuckwits.

I was willing to concede he was decent but no more than that

Normo Kid
wrote on 01-Feb-23 13:23

Normo had a kid who went to play @ Newcastle Jets who was a weapon.


Also EEW had a Sutherland Sharks player who played a few years back who was amazing.

wrote on 02-Feb-23 08:08

We all know the answer to this question, so why even bring it up?


Gareth Wright is the best player in PL history. The touch, the vision, the magic. Nobody even comes close.


Regularly knocked back offers to play for NPL1 clubs. Then brings his talents to mentoring. Coaches the Tigers to the holy grail. Truly amazing.

wrote on 02-Feb-23 10:51

Gareth Wright has to be the definition of the GHFA PL.

Not talented, just a tall grubby donkey who kicks and chases.


Long live the king of Taronga

past 10 years.
wrote on 02-Feb-23 11:03

My 2 c from the past 10 years of being round the traps.







Harry Brown(PEN)






Not bad
wrote on 02-Feb-23 17:56

That's a decent list as I'd forgotten Knippler who was class. Roods would be there as well.

Agree with Kane, Morrow, Butters and Gray


mouysis? Not for me. Just a grub. Not a patch on the Peatey brothers As a pretty direct comparison in the same club

Turner definitely had it, became a grub in later years though, but still worthy of mention.

Brown I don't see at all. Pretty average with the odd flash of pace and power, not enough to be in the discussion

Mittiga is an interesting one. Imagine that's a pretty polarising option. I'm not convinced but understand why others might have him in there.


What about
wrote on 02-Feb-23 18:47

Kidd and Macerola from RAV back in the day were top notch

Redcat from STA (when he was younger) was always a tough opposition to come across

Tall striker from KEN, Ty I think, was a gun for a season or 2

Boz and Seale from Penno were always up there for golden boot season after season

Gray = Nup
wrote on 03-Feb-23 09:02

The Kenthurst team were strong across the park. Ty was way above our league. Gray talked a lot and spent the game directing the ref but I never thought he was worth noting as a player - he was just lucky to be surrounded by such a strong team

wrote on 03-Feb-23 09:52

Batts easy 

wrote on 04-Feb-23 15:32

Batts? The same Batts that could not last more than two seasons at the one club? you're having a laugh 

wrote on 05-Feb-23 22:08

Gray = Nup wrote:

>The Kenthurst team were strong across the park. Ty was way above our league. Gray talked a lot and spent the game directing the ref but I never thought he was worth noting as a player - he was just lucky to be surrounded by such a strong team

Actually I think quite the opposite, having a star strung team would be even more important to have leader directing tropps round the pitch.

Gray was just that, a diabolical leader.


also might be worth mentioning the triangle from PHD Peter checka, Ockett from Normo along with his partner in crime goldy.

Seale and Boz are a must as they dominated the early 2000s.

Batts before he went to a Normo was an amazing player, he will tell you that too! Haha Legend of the Game.


And mousyis when he wanted to play was outstanding, when he wanted to kill, he was devastating. Probably single handed the most amount of red cards and broken legs in our PL.


Thunda Thunda
wrote on 08-Feb-23 14:54

Avo Young or Tim Hill

Tulloch a close third