Rangers biggest day.

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wrote on 15-Dec-22 14:14

Well it's had to happen the broom has been swept through the grand old club.

biggest casualty has been the nob himself Jamie he has been giving his marching orders and told not to come back.

A new board has been appointed along with a new coach.

Ah fresh air at last.

Street sweeper
wrote on 17-Dec-22 06:09

Jamie gone. Idiotic coach with a mental deficiency gone. Garden gnome Hutch gone. 
good for them. They had to do something dying club

Nobody cares
wrote on 18-Dec-22 22:44

Wrong chat. This belongs in the Super League one yeah 

Ranger Danger
wrote on 21-Dec-22 13:20

You haven't heard st pats pulled out.

wrote on 22-Dec-22 14:49

Ranger Danger wrote:

>You haven't heard st pats pulled out.


No, we all heard that St Pats pulled out of your mum