Macquarie Dragons 2023 PL trials

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wrote on 27-Mar-06 14:06

Hey guys, i know i am not part of the woodies anymore, but i thought it would be nice to catch up with my old team mates before the season starts. Come round my house at 10.05 pm this Friday. There is a great show on SBS that we can all benefit from. See you then Ryvaak

Mickey Rooney
wrote on 27-Mar-06 15:06

Only the funny one's thanks champ.

Macquarie Dragons FC
wrote on 08-Nov-22 10:07

Macquarie Dragons PL trials will be held on December 3, 10, 17. 

If you are keen or would like more info:

[email protected] and we will get straight back to you

wrote on 08-Nov-22 10:08

Admin i think there are some gremlins on this thread