Premier League Trials 2023

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Ryde Saints
wrote on 26-Oct-22 18:44

Message from Saints President:

Ryde Saints will be holding trials for next years premier league season commencing Sunday 6th November.

We welcome anyone interested to come down to ELS Park for a 12:30pm start.  

You can contact the club via Facebook or email the president ([email protected] ) for more information.  

Early Bird
wrote on 26-Oct-22 20:31

Early November ???? Hahahahahaha

wrote on 27-Oct-22 15:39

Early bird catches the -everything-

Ryde Saints
wrote on 19-Nov-22 11:36

Saints are hosting another trial session tomorrow (Sunday 20th Nov) 12:30pm, at ELS.
Everyone is welcome to come down. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]