How to run a premier league

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wrote on 27-Aug-22 07:27

For all the simp boys sucking nwsf tits I'd like you to have a look at the new gdsfa X league


Both firsts and reserves played a full 18 games and a full finals


Gdsfa has less synthetic pitches and they started their comp 3 weeks after us yet they still managed to organise a proper full comp for their top league.


They didn't cancel games when grounds were open and even organised full rounds on weeknights.



wrote on 27-Aug-22 11:11

Well off you toddle then. Bye bye 

wrote on 27-Aug-22 13:03

Well off you toddle then. Bye bye 

wrote on 27-Aug-22 17:39

No advertising of the premier league grand final tonight either

They obviously don't give a hoot and just want the season to be over