Race for the Top 4

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wrote on 31-Jul-22 20:51

So after the weekend, WPH look to have wrapped up the title with 3 point lead and a health goal difference. Rovers can’t be caught for 2nd after the win against Dragons.

The battle for 3rd & 4th is intriguing.

Eastwood St Andrews  - 3rd on 26 points, but a -3 GD may come back to hurt them. Final 2 fixtures see’s them host Ryde Saints & Normanhurst. A win this weekend could seal finals football for the Woodies.

Macquarie Dragons – 4th on 25 points with a +3 GD. 2 tricky fixtures to end the season. 3 losses in the last 4 weeks has seen the Dragons season on the precipice. A home game against Epping Eastwood followed by a trip to Campbell Park to take on WPH is probably the toughest draw of the teams vying for 3rd & 4th.

Normanhurst – 5th on 24 points with a +7 GD. A home game against Rovers who they belted 4-0 last weekend followed by an away game against STA. The Eagles goal difference could come in handy in the final wash-up.

Epping Eastwood – 6th on 22 points with a +3 GD. The tigers travel to Waterloo this weekend and anything but a win will see their season over come 5pm. If they can win, a victory over Penno on the final day could see them sneak into the top 4.

Hill Hawks – 7th on 21 points with a -4 GD. Hawks finish the season with 2 home games against North Epping and West Ryde. Still a mathematical chance but highly unlikely their season will still be alive in 3 week’s time even with 2 wins.

wrote on 31-Jul-22 21:45

Is there even going to be a top 4 this year?

I know the message to the rest of the comp about there only being a grand final didn't mention premier or super league

But does anyone know the plan for us?

wrote on 31-Jul-22 22:11

Rumours are they are playing 1v4 , 2v3 with a GF.


Ressies are not going to make up their Reserve grade games, so it's a 18 round comp for first grade, 16 round comp in ressies.


Fair or unfair, it's the way it is.

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wrote on 01-Aug-22 17:13

There is only NORMO,unpredictable at times however !