Missing ressies games

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Me mate Dave
wrote on 22-Jun-22 15:13

Missing games will be played. 

Big ups to Dave and the Association

wrote on 23-Jun-22 08:55

So which clubs will stack their Ressies teams with first graders for these games 

wrote on 23-Jun-22 09:30

Stacked wrote:

>So which clubs will stack their Ressies teams with first graders for these games 


Get your manager to send you the rules of who is eligible to play

Not really stacking
wrote on 23-Jun-22 12:02

It's kind of unfair to call it stacking.


My understanding is that any player who was on the teamsheet for the round 1 game will be ineligible for these replay games.

We played 5 ressies players up that weekend because of numbers, so they arent available to be selected. So naturally we have to replace them with the players who are available.


So i wouldn't call it stacking, it's more playing the best team available.



Yes it is stacking
wrote on 23-Jun-22 15:42

So you will be playing first grade players!

wrote on 23-Jun-22 16:09

Yes it is stacking wrote:

>So you will be playing first grade players!


What do you call it if you only have 14 available players including both squads?

Legit Call
wrote on 23-Jun-22 16:36

thats a legit call, what if some teams have injuries, work commitments, etc on the time the games are scheduled? Do they just forefit?


Adulting today
wrote on 24-Jun-22 08:32

That make do and organise whatever they can... man people sook. Games aren't played... whinge, games are played... whataboutism. Some of your guys must be a nightmare to live with lol

wrote on 24-Jun-22 11:30

We all live with our parents and whingy girl friends..



wrote on 24-Jun-22 17:55

Anyone that's complaining about the games being played should go play all age next year

If you don't want to play a whole season don't commit to premier league you sooks