Referee Assault

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wrote on 13-Jun-22 20:41

What's the process with referee suspensions these days? Headed down to Wepping this afternoon to watch St Pats vs Epping FC Super league clash and witnessed the referee assaulting a player. From what I saw the Epping FC captain intensely approached the ref about a call that was made when the referee shoulder charged and then pushed the Epping player when reacting to the shoulder. It looked like the referee knew he was in the wrong because didn't card the player at all, but the association needs to have a serious look at these referees if they can touch assault players like that and the players cannot defend themselves. Again, not a supporter of either team but I would definitely be filing a report if I was Epping. 

Ok mate
wrote on 13-Jun-22 20:58

Not from either team aye

Who randomly goes down to watch a super league team play without any affiliation to either team

Quit Smoking
wrote on 14-Jun-22 12:31

Chook, don't go trying to post anonymously on the forum when we all know youre associated with Epping...


It's really embarrassing and creates no credibility for your argument...

wrote on 14-Jun-22 14:27

No official should touch or assault any player or team official, if the referee felt threatened in anyway he should have blown the game up and abandoned it, so it could be investigated by the Association, however if the official loses control then anarchy breaks lose, just like cops who lose it with public, it just gets ugly.

Referees can use their man management skills, or they can use their cards to try and settle games down, but there comes a time in some matches that players are no longer concentrating on playing football they want to settle scores and play the man and when it gets to that point it is time to blow full time and send everyone home, noboady comes to play footbal to have their leg or draw broken or to be assaulted in anyway