End of the Round

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Big Matches
wrote on 03-Jun-22 09:42

Some really big matches to end the round with Mac Dragons taking on West Ryde with both team really trying to fight for a top 2 spot and then alos Hawks vs Epping Eastwood for a top 4 spot.

STA should dispose of Penno, but the week off might have give Penno some much needed rest as they hope to lift themselves off the bottom of the table.

Let's be honest, no one give North Epping a chance vs the great WPH, but you don't actually know what it's going to give you with the Flu going around and WPH being soley dependant on Kane in recent times. I noticed Kane hasn't scored in the past 2 fixtures, which probably means he is not playing(maybe injured? who knows..)


Funnily enough, if Normo win they can jump back into top 4 contention after a few recent weeks of not finding their way back onto the winners circles.


Very interesting week ahead....