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wrote on 06-Jun-22 14:54

Pretty tight at the bottom with Penno, Saints & Rangers all on 5 points after 8 games. There are only 2 points between 3rd & 7th but I can’t see all 3 teams in teh bottom 3 them getting into double figures for points, so none of those sides should be worried.

Penno should survive, whilst they have hardly scored all year (4 goals in 8 games), they haven’t conceded a heap with a majority of their losses by the single goal. They do have to play West Penno twice at the end of the season so they will be hoping to be clear of the relegation zone by then. They also probably have the better Ressies squad of the bottom 3.

Saints are the only team to take points off WPH so far, and whilst their scoring record is better than the other 2, they hare conceding at an average of over 2 goals per game. Home form at Pidding could be crucial.

Rangers pulled off the first update of the season when they knocked over Dragons but since then have only collected 2 points. They have been around the bottom 2-3 for most of the past few seasons, maybe this is the season they head back to SL (unless saved by another pandemic).

It could all come down to the Rangers vs Saints game early next month to see who will survive.

wrote on 06-Jun-22 15:28

Rangers are easily the worst team in the comp. Shit field, shit players and a shit manager 

my 2 c
wrote on 07-Jun-22 06:38

Penno are alot stronger than what the table suggests. How those clowns from Nerds are equal to them is beyond me.

And it's not like it's just one season,  these guys should be in Super league 3 years ago, it's just that covid saved them.

Ryde Saints i believe will come good, they took points off WPH which is bit strange, but how they havent beaten teams like normo, hawks, sta is also beyond me.


My tip is the second half of the season will see dragons fall apart, west ryde and wph will start dropping points and although the premiership is between WPH/WRR, there are 10 games left.


Massive changes up ahead.


Double header
wrote on 08-Jun-22 10:39

With non rainy weather forecast for the rest of the week it looks like both games will be going ahead this weekend

Double headers is where a teams depth shines through

Even though first and second are over 6 points ahead right now after this double header we could see the comp really close up depending on the depth of the teams

Ron Waterhouse
wrote on 08-Jun-22 13:28




WRR draw EEW

HWK def by WPH

RSU draw MCS


NMH draw PEN



WPH draw EEW



MCS def by PEN


wrote on 09-Jun-22 07:51

WPH And WRR will pick up 6 points.

im thinking MQD will pick up 4/6 and bounce back after a shambles first half of the season. That is if they have any depth.

EEW tough two games could see them slide down the ladder.

NMH and EEW can pick up some points and gain momentum.

looks like this weekend will seperate the contenders from the pretenders!